Introduction to DITA

Who should attend this course?

The course is aimed at authorsand other content creators / managers with no prior experience of DITA XML.

Duration 2 days
Price Call for details
Location Mekon House, Sutton, London, SM1 1JN, UK, or at your premises.


The course will give you a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the DITA standard. You will also gain the practical skills you need to author and publish DITA topics and maps using a standard XML authoring tool.

Included in this course

90 days email support from your trainer is included in the price of the course.

Length of course

2 days

Course outline

  • XML basics – understanding semantic structured authoring
  • The business problems that DITA solves
  • Authoring topics using the standard topic types
  • Constructing and publishing DITA maps
  • Reuse methods: @conref and @conkeyref
  • Manage conditional content using DITAVAL files
  • Managing variable content: @keyrefs

Custom training

If you have specific training needs, we can tailor a course that suits your requirements. We have designed training courses for customers using DITA in a production environment to help them get the most out of DITA. A custom course is useful if you need to:

  • Help new team members learn DITA in the context of your particular content model
  • Improve reuse and authoring productivity
  • Promote good practice

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