Content migration

Mekon have years of experience of content migration between formats and information models including S1000D, Docbook and DITA.

There are two primary elements to moving content from one system to another:

  1. Convert content from one format to another;
  2. Re-map the content to adopt the new information model.

Clients benefit from Mekon firstly planning their migration by evaluating how your content will be restructured to take account of your proposed new information architecture (IA). Mekon will often convert small volumes of content for prototyping and conversion assessment with the option to work with specialist conversion technology like omnimark and Migrate or conversion service providers to manage larger volumes.

Mekon can convert:

  • HTML to XML, XML to DITA XML using XSLT
  • Doc Book, S1000D, DITA from unstructured source content
  • Unstructured MS Word, FrameMaker, MadCap Flare
  • SGML to XML
  • and more (ask for detail)

We often provide a hand-over and knowledge transfer surrounding the resulting stylesheets and/or conversion routines. The deliverables and converted content can become our clients’ property to be used and adapted as needed.