Tips and tricks

FrameMaker 2019 – PDF Crashing when using Save As PDF

S1000D and iSpec 2200 users may find when printing a document to PDF using Save As PDF, FrameMaker will crash. The method below should produce a PDF as a temporary work around. In FrameMaker from the ‘File’ menu select ‘Print. In the ‘Print Document’ dialog box, the last option at the bottom will show the […]

Shortcuts keys

FrameMaker Shortcuts keys This only works if you have set your default printer to Adobe PDF from within FrameMaker File > Print Setup Change Printer to Adobe PDF and press ok Windows Shortcut keys Here are some popular Windows keyboard shortcuts you may not know about:- Windows key + E = Open explorer. Control (Ctrl) […]

Creating a Eclipse BookBuild PDF setting

Before creating a Eclipse BookBuild PDF you need to make sure the following have been set in Adobe Acrobat:- Select Adobe PDF printer Properties. Go to Adobe PDF Setting tab. In Default Settings make sure it is set to High Quality Print by using the drop down list. Remove tick from “View Adobe PDF results”. […]

Mekon’s top 3 browsers!

Google Chrome – an obvious choice that dominates the web browser market and for good reason. Its simple yet fun layout allows for speedy surfing. Our favourite features are that the URL bar at the top doubles up as the google search bar and there is an abundance of extensions to customise your browsing experience. […]

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some popular Windows keyboard shortcuts you may not know about:- Windows key + E = Open explorer Control (Ctrl) + F = Find – will search most applications and browsers for a specific string. Control (Ctrl) + W = Close down the current application on window on your screen. Alt + Tab = […]

FrameMaker 17

Are you familiar with the latest changes in FrameMaker 17? Menus items changed The following menus items have changed to Windows > Pods:- Element Catalog Structure View Element Validation Inserting images If you require to insert an image you can also use Insert > Image as well as File > Import > File. FrameMaker Console […]

Asking for Support

Asking for Support When sending an email to Mekon Customer Support, please include the following information.  This will save time and hopefully help us resolve your issue faster. List all version numbers of the products you are using e.g. FrameMaker, Arbortext, Eclipse product, etc Send us sample files so that we can recreate the problem. […]