Semantic Booster for AEM

The Semantic Booster for AEM brings the power of PoolParty’s standards-based taxonomy management and advanced semantic capabilities to Adobe Experience Manager.

Your users can find content more easily and follow related connections to stay on site, learning more. Authors can tag content more easily and quickly. Editors can manage and approve tags in a central, easy-to-use environment.

Whether you are building an enterprise knowledge graph or just want to make content more findable and manageable, this connector with PoolParty makes it possible.

Feature summary

  • The integration exports and keeps up-to-date a set of AEM tags from a SKOS taxonomy in PoolParty
  • Preferred label, definition, and alternative labels are mapped to AEM equivalents
  • Broader/narrower hierarchy is replicated
  • Assigns a stable URI ID to terms, so that relations persist even when the term is changed
  • Polyhierarchy is supported by means of common URI value
  • Concept creation/move/property value change/deletion tasks are all synchronized
  • The synchronization can be called via an AEM URL or via a configurable administration page in AEM.

Why integrate standards-based taxonomy/semantic technology with AEM?

  • Build and manage taxonomies much more easily
  • Draw from a central source with no manual updates
  • Give your users more powerful, intuitive search and recommendation features
    • Use synonyms effectively
    • Manage search facets easily
  • Get recommendations based on real semantic relations
  • Integrate your content with other systems

Why sync to AEM tags?

  • AEM “tags” are its native taxonomy system
  • Tags can be applied to any object
    • Text fragment
    • “Experience fragment” – precomposed section of a page
    • Image / video
    • DITA file (with the AEM docs add-on)
    • Whole published page
  • They drive core search components (facets, search box) and can of course be used to drive custom components too
  • Multilingual labels