Implementing a Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) strategy will allow CIPD to support key tactical customer value creation activities, rapidly and cost effectively turn content-led innovations into new products, maximise reach through digital channels, and support a better web experience.


The objectives of the COPE strategy are for the CIPD to fully actualise the equity of its content. They are a knowledge business, and like other membership bodies, they have grown to recognise that it is by adopting a publishing mind-set that they will maintain their relevance and build the agility to exploit transient competitive advantage. Content is a key assets and should be appropriately managed and leveraged.

About CIPD

CIPD is a professional body for HR and people development, setting the benchmark for excellence in people and organisation development for more than 100 years. Through their expertise and research they provide a valuable point of view on the rapidly changing world of work.


Work began late 2013 to develop a content technology solution to support the broader content strategy work. In January 2014 Mekon were invited to act as consultancy and IT partners. The first phase of work included a content audit and wide ranging discussions with key stakeholders to discover the various content management workflows, systems and requirements in play across the Institute. Mekon recommended a Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) digital content management solution. The proposal consisted of two further phases of work:

Phase 2:

  • Global metadata framework
  • Training Prototype
  • CCMS evaluation and recommendation

Phase 3:

  • CCMS Implementation
  • API layer (Dynamic Delivery Platform) Implementation

The second phase of work is now complete. The project has delivered a global metadata framework and corporate taxonomy and a ‘training prototype’ – a vision of what a full investment in a CCMS and Dynamic Delivery Platform might deliver in the Digital Learning and Market Development space.