Martin BakerSummary

Martin-Baker, who provide ejection seats for the F-35. is the world’s leading manufacture of crew escape systems. The company’s ejection seats have saved the lives of more than 7,250 airmen.

Martin-Baker chose Mekon to develop complex software to ensure documentation compatibility on the revolutionary fighter aircraft that will equip the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers.

Martin-Baker’s Documentation Manager Chris Morgan said, “We’re a long-standing client of Mekon, so we’re well aware of their expertise in the Aerospace and Defence industry. Mekon’s Eclipse Suite is the broadest and best range of applications for authoring in S1000D, providing an easy authoring environment that requires virtually no training to use. Naturally, they were always going to be the leading candidates for the F-35 documentation project.”


The project catered for three broad types of Document Management structure: Descriptive, Flight Reference Card and Procedural Data Modules.
Mekon built an application for creating and editing vital technical documentation concerning the ejection seat on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The application was based on Mekon’s long-running and popular Eclipse Suite for Adobe FrameMaker, which contains applications for authoring documentation in the Aerospace and Defence documentation standard S1000D.


The F-35 project enabled technical experts to write vital documentation according to the Joint Strike Fighter XML Document Type Definition – a heavily modified version of S1000D.

The software simplified the creation and editing of technical documentation concerning installation, maintenance fault finding and repair; whilst also ensuring that these manuals are interoperable with all the aircraft’s other documentation.