Parliamentary Counsel Authors Bills and Acts using Adobe FrameMaker



The Parliamentary Counsel are a specialised team of government lawyers based in Whitehall. Their main work is drafting Government Bills for introduction into Parliament and related Parliamentary business.

Key Issues

  • Production process was inefficient
  • Drafting process was slow and uncontrolled
  • Editing of Amendments was slow and labour intensive
  • Marshalled lists produced manually
  • Content could not be re-used easily


Mekon implemented an efficient controlled authoring enviroment to help streamline production of Bills and Acts.  The solution was developed using standard tools therefore project risk and training requirements where minimised.  The solution offers flexible origination combined with comprehensive automated tools designed to improve efficiency and offer full editorial control.


  • Controlled authoring now allows users to concentrate on content
  • Automated Amendment & Marshalling is in place
  • Amendments are handled according to the rules for both houses
  • The system auto-inserts changes into the original bill or act
  • An on-going support and training programme is in place