RadiometerRadiometer is a global provider of solutions for acute care testing, meeting the needs of acute care diagnostics in blood gas testing, immunoassay testing and transcutaneous monitoring. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark Radiometer have 2,200 employees worldwide.

As a medical device manufacturer that had taken on DITA, XMetaL and the SDL Trisoft CMS, Radiometer chose Mekon to deliver software licensing and DITA and XMetaL training services. As well, Radiometer received follow-on remote support for users of their new DITA CCMS and, in partnership with The Rockley Group (TRG), information architecture training.

“The fact that we had three days made all the difference. The first two days we were learning a lot of new things. The third day helped us better understand what it was all about because we used our own topics in XMetaL. Noz was very responsive and adapted the course to our needs.”

– Verner Andersen , Technical Author, Radiometer