Pool Party

Semantic Web Company GmbH (SWC) is the leading provider of graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions and a global leader in semantic Web technologies. The core product of SWC is PoolParty Sematic Suite which is an AI platform based on semantic technologies and machine learning. It helps organizations build and manage Enterprise Knowledge Graphs as a basis for various AI applications. As the most complete semantic middleware on the global market, PoolParty Semantic Suite extracts value from your data and links your business objects and content assets automatically. Make your data actionable and benefit from smart applications!

Mekon have been working with SWC for several years, successfully implementing PoolParty for clients wanting to take control of their taxonomy and metadata strategy helping them to realise more consistency, findability with their structured and web content. Working closely with SWC and Adobe, Mekon has also extended the power of tagging in Adobe experience manager by introducing the [Semantic Booster for AEM] to bring the power of managed taxonomies in PoolParty and deliver it to the users of AEM.

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