Mekon will help you unlock your assets and maximise your publishing potential through implementation of controlled editorial environments which, promote structured editing and content reuse. In turn this will streamline the production process and offer you a more flexible and dynamic delivery platform

Today the public sector faces many difficult and complex information management challenges. Publishing on this scale requires a comprehensive strategy to ensure the management of the information supports all your current requirements and future aims. An effective information management strategy will enable you to implement flexible, scalable information architectures that address the following key requirements:

  • Publish content more quickly, more frequently and more accurately
  • Produce accessible content compliant with the latest standards
  • Support multiple formats an increasing number of delivery channels
  • Deliver more efficiently and at lower cost


Our approach and range of technologies will help you:

  • Identify potential problem
  • Ensure compliance with standards
  • Reduce the time to market
  • Enable efficient multi-format, multi channel delivery
  • Promote accessibility
  • Demonstrate genuine return on investment