Manufacturing and technology

In the high-tech manufacturing and technology sector, customers demand high quality information to support the specific products and solutions they have purchased. Developing an information strategy enables you to efficiently create and deliver accurate information about complex products, while enhancing customer experience.

For content creators and managers, however, the problems can appear daunting:

  • Volumes of information continue to grow
  • Translation costs escalate
  • Information is difficult to maintain, reuse, and consume
  • Foreign language users find information difficult to understand
  • Users cannot identify which version of a document applies to them
  • Reviewers spend time reading the same core information because some parts have changed

Mekon will help you develop an effective information strategy that addresses these challenges and delivers results. Our solutions often combine Simplified English, XML-based structured authoring, component content management systems, and other strategies that allow you to reuse information across your information deliverables, to yield significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Organizations that implement such strategies have shown efficiency gains in the information development, deployment, and delivery processes (technical writing, editing, and reviewing) of around 40%, while those organizations that also translate their content can reduce translation costs by approximately 30% to 50%.