Adobe FrameMaker Structured

Who should attend this course?

The Adobe FrameMaker Structured training course is aimed at technical authors, typesetters, engineers, administrative personnel and knowledge workers, who need to prepare documents and manuals to a high standard within Structured FrameMaker. You will benefit from comprehensive instruction that will enable you to become productive immediately.

Duration 2 Days (+ one optional extra day)
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Location Mekon House, Sutton, Surrey, UK


The Adobe Framemaker Structured training course will equip you with the skills necessary to work with structured templates to produce valid documents conforming to an EDD or an SGML DTD.

It introduces the use of container elements and object elements. It explains how to identify attribute types and how to set appropriate values. It describes ways of manipulating structure. It demonstrates how structural errors are located and fixed. The course will also teach you how to produce structured books comprising multiple documents, which are fully cross- referenced, including a table of contents and an index.

Length of course

2 Days (+ one optional extra day)

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Course outline


  • FrameMaker templates
  • Saving documents
  • Deleting documents
  • Saving documents

The document environment

  • The document window
  • The QuickAccess Bar and the Formatting Bar
  • Zoom controls
  • Visual guides
  • Navigation techniques
  • The structure view window and how to work with elements
  • Attribute display
  • The element catalogue and how to set available elements
  • Save options

Container elements‐editing structure

  • Working with structure
  • Structural errors
  • Types of element
  • Formatting
  • Adding structure
  • Importing a structured flow
  • Moving elements
  • Wrapping and unwrapping elements
  • Merging, nudging and splitting elements
  • Element catalogue options

Editing Text

  • Adding and deleting text
  • Selecting and changing text
  • Using the Clear and Undo commands
  • Cutting, Copying & Pasting text
  • Adding special characters
  • Smart Spaces and Smart Quotes
  • Context‐sensitive menus
  • Spell checker
  • Find/Change
  • Thesaurus


  • Types of attribute
  • Working with Attributes
  • Setting attribute values
  • Inserting new elements with attributes
  • Attribute errors


  • Validation errors
  • Ignore options

Object Elements‐Graphics

  • Text anchored frames for graphics
  • Importing graphics by reference or copying
  • Anchoring frames in other positions

Object Elements‐Tables

  • Table structures
  • Table styles
  • Moving around in a table
  • Selecting parts of a table
  • Modifying the shape of a table
  • Resizing selected columns
  • Adding data to a table
  • Formatting data in cells
  • Customizing a table

Object Elements – Cross‐references

  • Cross‐reference formats
  • Manual and automatic updating of Cross‐references
  • Automatic links
  • Fixing unresolved Cross‐references


  • Page layout
  • Body pages
  • Master pages
  • Single‐sided and double‐sided documents
  • Custom layout


  • Adding a Table of Contents using a template
  • Validating book structure
  • Object elements‐Footnotes
  • Object elements‐Equations
  • System variables and user defined variables
  • Object elements‐index markers
  • Adding an index using a template

Optional Modules

  • All these modules can be substituted for modules in the standard list or they can be taken as part of an extended day.
  • Using Conditional Text
  • Creating PDF from FrameMaker

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