Introduction to XMetaL

Who should attend this course?

Introduction to XMetaL training course is for XMetaL Power Users looking to make customisations to XMetaL.  An awareness of the basics of objected oriented programming and any familiarity or experience with scripting tools is highly recommended for getting the full value of this course.  You will benefit from comprehensive instruction that will enable you to become productive immediately with, or without, a content management system.


A working understanding of XML, DTDs, of one JavaScript or VBScript, as well as a general familiarity with object oriented programming is required.

Duration 2 Days
Price Call for details
Location Mekon House, Sutton, Surrey, UK


The course will equip Power Users with a general understanding of how XMetaL customisations can be developed, how the interface works, and how XMetaL forms and the XMetaL API can be used to develop integrations and extensions.  Users will learn how to manage XMetaL Projects using the Microsoft Visual .NET design tools (Visual Basic .NET, Visual Studio .NET, Visual C#.NET, etc.) and how scripts and real-time debugging can be used to rapidly extend the power of an XMetaL installation.

Length of course

2 Days

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Course outline

Understanding the XMetaL Workflow

  • XMetaL Author
  • XMetaL Developer
  • XMAX
  • XMetaL Reviewer

Working with XMetal Customisations

  • What is a Customisation?
  • Opening an Existing Customisation
  • Customisation Objects
  • The CSS File
  • The CTM File
  • The DTD File
  • Other Valid Customisation Objects
  • Adding/Removing Objects
  • Moving between Customisation Objects

Building an XMetal Customisation

  • Understanding the XMetaL Build Process
  • Configuring the Build Environment
  • Setting General Properties
  • Setting the Command Property
  • Setting the Command Arguments
  • Setting the Post-Build Properties
  • Building the Output
  • Viewing the Build Output
  • Setting Element Properties in a Customisation
  • Understanding the Customisation File
  • Managing the In-Parent Property
  • Setting the Change List
  • “Displaying As” an XFT form
  • Understanding the “Display As” Properties
  • “Displaying As” an ActiveX Control
  • Using Scripts in XMetal Developer

Understanding the XMetaL Developer Scripting Environment

  • Adding a New Script to a Customisation
  • Editing a script
  • Changing Script Properties

Debugging an XMetal Customisation

  • Understanding the XMetaL Debugging Process
  • Testing and Debugging a Script
  • Testing and Debugging Customisation Properties
  • Testing Cascading Style Sheets

Creating Forms with the XFT Form Layout Tool

  • Understanding the XFT Form Layout Tool
  • The XFT Form Layout Tool GUI
  • Object events
  • Binding XFT Forms to XML Content

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