WebWorks ePublisher for FrameMaker

Who should attend this course?

The WebWorks ePublisher for FrameMaker training course enables novice and intermediate users of WebWorks ePublisher Pro to use the full range of key features with confidence. Previous experience of working with a Help Authoring Tool is useful, but not required. However, familiarity with Adobe FrameMaker and the Windows operating system is a prerequisite.

This course assumes no prior knowledge of WebWorks. You should have familiarity with FrameMaker objects such as paragraph styles, tables, markers and cross references. A knowledge of mark-up languages such as HTML and XHTML will be useful.

You need to be familiar with PCs and the Windows environment.

Duration 2 Days
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Location Mekon House, Sutton, Surrey, UK


After taking the course, you will be equipped to work more efficiently and effectively, and to maximise the benefits of this powerful single-sourcing tool.

Length of course

2 Days

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Course outline

  • Introducing WW ePublisher Pro

    • Introducing WW ePublisher Pro
    • Understanding the fundamental principles, concepts, and workflows the ePublisher Platform
    • Guided tour of the WebWorks ePublisher Pro user interface
    • Customizing the workspace
    • Getting the best from WW ePublisher Pro
  • Getting the best from WW ePublisher Pro

    • Devising an effective single-sourcing strategy
    • Understanding and comparing the different Help formats (HTML Help, WebWorks Help, WebWorks Reverb Help, Wiki, JavaHelp, etc.)
    • Designing user assistance that addresses the real needs of users
  • Creating a new project

    • Working within the Document Manager
    • Understanding and working with groups
    • Adding Word documents, FrameMaker books, or DITA maps
    • Setting an appropriate scanning option
    • Optional: Converting a RoboHelp project-issues
  • Generating online input

    • Selecting an appropriate output format
    • Generating previews and output
    • Generating multi-volume Help
    • Generating PDF output
    • Viewing the online output
  •  Formatting

    • Understanding the difference between the Document Designer and the Style Designer
    • Tips for setting up paragraph and character styles
    • Understanding how styles inherit properties from the source document and from parent styles
    • Formatting multi-level bulleted and numbered lists
  • Working with pages

    • Setting page break priorities to create separate Help topics (HTML pages)
    • Understanding how and where to add bread crumbs and mini-TOCs
    • Modifying the layout and appearance of pages
  • Online navigation

    • Creating a table of contents (TOC)
    • Strategy for creating a comprehensive and useable index
    • Modifying how cross-references are mapped to online hyperlinks
    • When and how to create Related Topics
    • When and how to create popup windows
    • When and how to add DHTML drop-down hotspots
  • Working with images

    • Understanding graphics formats and transparency
    • Creating an optimised graphics style for your online requirements
    • Modifying the size and position of images
    • Creating thumbnail images
    • Creating hyperlinked images
  • Working with tables

    • Creating table styles
    • Modifying the height, width, and appearance of tables
  • Content Sensitive Help

    • Understanding the principles of context-sensitive Help
    • Two alternative strategies for working with the application programmers
    • Embedding topic IDs in the source document
  • Stationery

    • Understanding the benefits of Stationery
    • Creating suitable Stationery
    • Using Stationery to create a new project in ePublisher Express
  • Advanced techniques

    • Creating and working with conditional text to support your single-sourcing strategy
    • Managing format settings
    • Creating format overrides (used for customizing the properties of an output format for a specific project)
    • Customizing page.asp
    • Using a custom CSS document

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