Semantic Booster for AEM

Enhance AEM’s tagging capabilities and gain more control over your tagging by using the Semantic Booster for AEM. This integration connects AEM to PoolParty, a leading taxonomy management tool, enriching AEM’s native tagging functionality and allowing you to manage your taxonomies centrally in an enterprise system.

Use the Auto Tagging feature to make tagging more cost effective and consistent, making content more findable and more relevant to your users. Manage taxonomies at an enterprise level, and make them available to AEM content creators and site owners. Manage and approve tags in a central, easy-to-use environment.

Key features

Manage tags in PoolParty

  • Manage tags in an enterprise system, using a specialist environment that can connect to other systems via API.
  • Build and manage enterprise taxonomies much more easily in a specialist tool.
  • Collaborate on and control your terms using the workflow module, which offers roles and permissions and release cycle management.

Sync to AEM

  • Sync and update terms from PoolParty to AEM Tags in any supported language.
  • Preferred label, synonyms and definitions are all synced.
  • Broader and narrower hierarchy is replicated, and polyhierarchy is supported.
  • Synced tags become normal AEM tags that can also be used to manually tag any page, asset, XML or other content object.
  • The terms are assigned stable IDs which means the relationship of terms and pages persist even if you move or re-name the term.
PoolParty taxonomy view

Manage your taxonomies in PoolParty.

Taxonomies in AEM Tags

Sync taxonomies to AEM Tags to use them to tag any page or content asset

Auto Tagging

  • Tag AEM pages automatically against any synced tag using PoolParty’s intelligent classification algorithm.
  • Refine the Auto Tagging by controlling the sensitivity and scope of tagging.
  • Tag against both preferred terms and synonyms from any supported language.
Tags attached to a page in AEM Sites

Tag AEM pages automatically against any synced tag using the Auto Tagging feature, which classifies pages according to the terms and synonyms found in the text

Why enhance AEM Tags?

AEM Tags are AEM’s native taxonomy system. Tags can be applied to any object including a text fragment, experience fragment, image, video, DITA file, or a published page.

Tags drive navigation, search, SEO and personalization features, as well as custom components.

But they have some limitations:

  • Polyhierarchy is not supported.
  • Synonyms aren’t supported out of the box.
  • Tag IDs change if you move or rename the tag – so you can lose the relationship of the concepts to the tagged pages.

Semantic Booster for AEM has been developed to overcome these limitations, and to allow you to make use of PoolParty’s sophisticated taxonomy and semantic management features in your tagging workflow.

Benefits to your organization

  • Better coordination and control of terminology and tags across the organization, with the potential to manage these centrally and sync to other systems via API.
  • Quicker and easier development of taxonomies: Your taxonomists and editors benefit from specialized collaboration, workflow and governance tools.
  • Auto Tagging is a cost-effective way of enhancing your content with tags – especially when you can auto tag against synonyms as well as the preferred term, and in multiple languages.
  • Manual tagging using the synced terms is still available for tagging that can’t be automated, giving you the best of both worlds.

Benefits to your customers and end users

  • More extensive and consistent tagging improves navigation, search, and personalization features, making content more findable and relevant.

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