S1000D in Adobe FrameMaker

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Contrary to some negative community buzz, Adobe FrameMaker does support XML. With the Mekon Eclipse extension it can support S1000D, the specification used primarily in the Defence industry, from the very first to the very latest versions of the standard.

View this eSeminar to see how Adobe FrameMaker makes the job of Authoring in S1000D easy and hassle-free.

You will learn about:

  • The wide range of Data Module types supported
  • The importance of high-quality print style sheets
  • How hotspot support eases content creation
  • How to handle Ref DMs
  • How CGM graphics can be supported
  • How auto-generated content can accelerate authoring
  • About working with or without a CSDB
  • The various delivery options on offer from FrameMaker

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About Martyn

Martyn is a Senior Consultant within the Aerospace and Defence Department at Mekon, specialising in Development and Implementation of ASD S1000D applications and systems within the Technical Documentation environment. In recent years he has been heavily involved in the Mekon S1000D Fram­eMaker based applications for many years. During this time he has pro­vided a source of help and advice to users new to S1000D and has followed the development path of the Adobe FrameMaker product from early versions (5.5.6) through to the latest version.