Keynote speaker Julian Murfitt at Adobe DITAWorld 2022 – Is it safe to mention DITA in polite society?

Seeing the wood from the tress and communicating what’s important
Julian Murfitt, CEO at mekon – Adobe DITAWORLD 2022 – online only – May 10th – 12th

Julian Murfitt is the CEO at Mekon. Mekon is dedicated to improving the way you create, manage and deliver content, in turn maximising your customer experience.

Are you managing to stay abreast of the latest trends in documentation, content, and customer information? If so, you will undoubtedly be hearing about trends such as Content Operations and Content as a Service, but Julian Murfitt, CEO of UK-based Mekon, would argue these are not new.

As buzzwords appear, you need to understand how your current DITA practices and expertise fit into this brave new world. Julian says that the terms DITA, technical publications, and tech docs seem to be taboo these days. According to Keith Schengili-Roberts, the number of jobs postings for Technical Writers has seen a steady decline since 2012. But is there less demand for technical writing, or is there just more diversity in what the job is called?

So, as this is a DITA conference, how can we make sense of the value DITA still offers and where it fits in all this “new” customer-driven economy? Crucially, when faced with a C-level presentation, how can you communicate the concept wrapped up in the depths of DITA without boring the pants off them? Let’s demystify some of these buzzwords, learn how to position DITA against these new trends, and explore what and how we communicate to the top brass.