Meet Mekon at CM Strategies / DITA North America

Meet Mekon at CIDM’s  annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference in Durham, North Carolina, USA on 15-17 April 2019.

Whether you’re a Novice or a Master, you’ll find sessions that provide inspiration and practical skills, covering topics such as:

  • Implementing a component Content Management System
  • Adopting DITA, Markdown, or other XML structures
  • Effectively re-using content
  • Creating corporate taxonomies
  • Incorporating social media strategies
  • Managing teams
  • Collaborating across the enterprise

Those new to content management and/or DITA will find guidance for starting their journey, while for experts, the our program offers ways to continue pushing the boundaries.

Mekon’s Maura Moran will be presenting: Developing a Content Strategy to Deliver Re-use

Maura’s presentation will enable you to:

  • analyze your re-use needs (e.g. ad hoc re-use is different from planned, and versioning is different from multi-channel delivery)
  • understand the components that need to be incorporated into a re-use strategy including content models, standards, types of tools, ID management, etc.
  • understand organizational and workflow needs such as governance, change management and metrics

In addition to presenting, Maura will be available throughout the event to discuss your challenges and needs. If you wish to arrange a time to meet Maura please email  or stop by the Mekon stand.

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