Workshop: How to write for structured content to create better customer experiences

Las Vegas, 28 March (ICC)

Are you serious about putting content to work in your business?  Then the Intelligent Content Conference is your event.  Don’t miss Joe Pairman in his half day workshop to find out how to write for structured content to create better customer experiences.  

How to write for structured content to create better customer experiences

These days, we’re no longer writing documents or even web pages. Whatever we think we’re typing, users access a variety of formats, on different platforms, and may only see parts of what we’ve written. Technologists come up with new ways of templating, slicing, and dicing content. We may wonder whether there is still a place for good solid scene-setting and narrative flow in this supermarket shelf of bite-sized information snacks.

As writers, we are at the center of that journey, and must shape it using the new tools of structured content. In this practical workshop, you will learn:

  • The fundamental patterns in structured content, and when to use each one
  • How taxonomy lets you set rules for navigation — and when to stop making rules!
  • How to write for an open world where anyone can remix your content as they want

This workshop can be booked as a standalone workshop or part of the whole event.

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