Support Newsletter: October 2017

Mekon Customer Support Survey results

Thank you to everyone that completed out customer survey this year. The survey addressed all areas of Mekon support including: speed of response, value for money, support knowledge, courtesy of staff and overall level of satisfaction

We are pleased to say that on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is poor and 5 is very good, 98% of our responses were  4s and 5s with 2% rating us satisfactory at 3. We’ll continue to strive to get all ratings at 4 and above.

Some comments from customers:

Mekon support provides quick answers and they usually solve problems in the first answer.

I am always very pleased with the speed and quality of responses I receive.

Mekon support has always been fantastic.  They have the best availability and response I have seen in any business.”

Last year saw an increase in sales and in response we expanded our support department to help our growing number of customers. In response, we recruited Matt Anderson and Andrew Ferguson to the team ensure we maintained our high customer service levels. In addition, we will be rolling out a new Support portal where customers will be able to create tickets and see their progress. More news on this in the next Mekon Support newsletter.

ePublisher 2017.1: Breaking Down Silos the WebWorks Way

Introducing the new Spotlight Search feature. For more information

Support Tips & Tricks

Asking for Support

When sending an email to Mekon Customer Support, please include the following information. This will save time and hopefully help us resolve your issue faster.

  • list all version numbers of the products you are using e.g. FrameMaker, Arbortext, Eclipse product, etc
  • Send us sample files so that we can recreate the problem.
  • Tell us step by step instructions on how to recreate the issue.
  • Does it happen on one machine or several?

If your files have confidential information, that’s okay. We can provide you with our Mekon XML Scrambler tool which will remove all customer content from the files, but preserve the structure of the files which is often what we really need. Please ask the support team for more information.

FrameMaker 17

Menus items changed

The following menus items have changed to Windows > Pods:-

  • Element Catalog
  • Structure View
  • Element Validation

Inserting images

If you require to insert an image you can also use Insert > Image as well as File > Import > File.

FrameMaker Console

The FrameMaker Console has changed into a pod and can now be located under View > Pods > Console.

Do you know your hamburgers from your kebabs?

We’ve been doing lots of app development recently and thought you might like to know some terms from the app user interface world:

Hamburger – is three horizontal lines and often placed at the top left and allows the user to view the main navigation menu

Kebab – is three dots one above each other and is a contextual menu and may change depending on the object it is associated with. You will often see several of these on a page.

Software Releases

Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker

Mekon released Eclipse S1000D Version 11.0.0 for FrameMaker in September.

The main features of this new release of this established application include:

  • S1000D Issue 4.2
  • Copying and storing Data in the Data Reference Manager
  • Sizing of Illustrations.

For more information please click on

Eclipse iSpec 2200 for FrameMaker

Mekon released Eclipse iSpec 2200 Version 5.4.4 for FrameMaker last week.

The main features of this new release of this established application include:

  • Ability to edit contents of Highlights page restored.
  • Support FrameMaker 2017 (update 1)
  • New Numerical Index tab added to CMM Preferences

For more information please click on

Antenna House Announces the Release of AH Formatter V6.4MR5

Antenna House is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Antenna House Formatter V6.4 MR5. A list of V6.4 corrections can be found at

Antenna House New Product Announcement – Office Server Document Converter and Web Interface

Antenna House is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) V6.1. This is the next generation of our product formerly named Server Based Converter. Additional OSDC information can be found at

oXygen XML Author v19.1 released

The latest version of the very popular oXygen XML authoring tool has just been released. For more details click here


R4i Viewer and R4i ReViewer have been Released to the R4i Support Portal

R4i CSDB, R4i Viewer & R4i ReViewer version 9.0.3.x release is here with new features and functions. Below is a short summary of what is included within this release:


  • Media Generator to support customer BREX Ref and all patch versions for DDN and PM
  • Media Generator – Support S1000D Issue 4.2 for Data Delivery Details tab
  • Media Generator – ITAR Compliant option disabled when Data Delivery selected
  • Quick View added features include Open as PDF and also Append Images, when in HTML mode
  • Manage Users – Email field added
  • Re-instate Remove Local Copy option for Add and Import

R4i Viewer / R4i ReViewer:

  • Support for applicReflds attribute
  • Zoom and Save features for PDF documents have been added
  • Ability to allow optional printing of images to selected printer
  • Online – Applic CIR repository replacement
  • Online Review – Ability to acknowledge delivered comment responses
  • Online – ability to sync comments and responses
  • Ability to change password

PLEASE NOTE the following:

  • There is a script upgrade required to the CSDB for this release. ADG recommends that you deploy this release to a test environment before deploying to your production. Once the CSDB has been upgraded with this script, all users of R4i CSDB Client Pro and R4i CSDB Client Std software MUST be upgraded to this release of software at the same time.
  • Users with older versions of the CSDB Client or Desktop will NOT be able to access the CSDB once the scripts have been applied to the database.
  • IETP content generated from the v9 CSDB Client, will need to be viewed using R4i Viewer v9. Legacy IETP’s produced with CSDB v8 should remain useable in v9 Viewer, but should be tested before v9 Viewer is moved into production.
  • For all of the new Online Viewer/ReViewer features, you must also upgrade the R4i Web Connector to the latest version (v4.0.0.x). This release is also available on the Support Portal. If you are upgrading from a version that is not the immediate previous version, please refer to all of the Release Notes between your current version and the version that you are installing.
  • If you are upgrading from a version that is not the immediate previous version, please refer to all of the Release Notes between your current version and the version that you are installing. This will ensure that you have a full understanding of all changes that have occurred between your current version and this version.