Mekon’s top 3 browsers!

Google Chrome – an obvious choice that dominates the web browser market and for good reason. Its simple yet fun layout allows for speedy surfing. Our favourite features are that the URL bar at the top doubles up as the google search bar and there is an abundance of extensions to customise your browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge – After Internet Explorer was slowly overtaken by the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft had to switch things up. They decided to create Edge which is IE’s younger faster brother. Features that we like here at Mekon are the ability to create a reading list from sites you visit and the annotating feature, this allows you to annotate freely over any webpage and share it with peers.

Mozilla Firefox – Firefox has been up there with Google Chrome for a while competing for best the best browser title. It is the browser of choice for most Linux users, so you can guarantee there’s going to be lots more technical extensions than on Google Chrome. Our favourite feature of Firefox is that it is a very secure browser with inbuilt security functions party due to it being open-source.