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Adobe Technical Communication

Adobe is a key partner for Contiem and Mekon, enabling us to implement first class solutions for our customers worldwide, by capitalising on a relationship developed since the 1990s.  

The corner stone to our Content Operations and Implementation services is founded on leading Content Platforms such as AEM, together with our expert consultants and content engineers who can implement the platform and provide the supporting services that will ensure that the implementation meets our clients’ goals.. 

AEM Guides is one of the premier products that we work with. It is a software extension for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a comprehensive content management system used by many businesses and organizations around the world. This add-on is designed to enable AEM users to generate and publish high-quality documentation in the DITA XML format directly from the AEM platform. 

AEM Guides includes: 

  1. Customizable templates: Users can create custom templates for their DITA XML documentation that meet their specific requirements and style guidelines. 
  1. Automated publishing: The add-on enables automated publishing of DITA XML documentation to a variety of output formats, including PDF, HTML, and EPUB. 
  1. Collaboration: The add-on allows multiple users to collaborate on the same documentation project, making it easier to manage and update documentation over time. 
  1. Localization: The add-on supports localization of XML documentation, making it easy to translate and publish documentation in multiple languages. 

Overall, AEM Guides is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations that need to create and publish high-quality documentation in a structured, standardized format. 

What we do 

Mekon is a registered Adobe Solutions Partner and works closely with both Adobe and our clients to drive fast and efficient implementation of AEM Guides throughout the enterprise. This involves:

Business analysis 

Providing consultancy to support the business case and project scope for implementation. 


Setting up a prototype AEM environment to test and confirm value proposition and project scope. 

Information Architecture 

Providing a robust content model which maximises reuse and optimises the adoption of DITA XML. 


Designing and implementing workflow processes using AEM’s powerful capabilities. 


Assessing metadata and taxonomy requirements. We can also provide a full taxonomy management integration with the PoolParty Semantic Suite, if required, through our Semantic Booster for AEM application.

Content migration 

Converting your source content to DITA XML from a variety of formats, through our customizable XMLTriX platform. 

Publishing pipe line 

Style sheet and automated publishing templates for fast delivery and connectivity to AEM Sites 

For further information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact the team or fill in the enquiry form.