Expert users: your most important asset

Join Ray Gallon and learn:
  • How user assistance and other technical information fits into an overall content strategy
  • What an expert user is and why you should care about developing them
  • How you can use expert users to improve products and build customer loyalty

OK, so you’ve built a great web site, sold the clients, you’re converting like crazy – what happens if when those clients start using your software, they get an error message that doesn’t help them get out of trouble? What if they can’t quickly figure out how to use your product?

The truth is, once they’ve bought it, your product is the customer’s primary interface with your company, and many times, we don’t put our best faces forward.

This webinar treats the interface and user assistance as a marketing tool, and extends it into integrated learning communities on social networks and extranets to help you build a better end-to-end customer experience and reduce service calls. This in turn builds customer loyalty through involvement and buy-in. And customer loyalty is your most important asset.

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