Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release) has arrived

Mekon are delighted  to see the launch of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017) this week.  This all-in-one toolkit allows you to create and deliver rich, engaging content experiences across devices enabling the end user to easily author XML/DITA content.

We are pleased to be able to draw your attention to the availability of the new 2017 release of Adobe FrameMaker.  This offers a number of exciting new features, which can now provide authors with the components of an across the board solution for authoring and publishing technical content to mobile, web, desktop, and print platforms.

Some of the new features and enhancements in this release we think will have particular relevance for our customers include:

  • An XML Documentation Add on function for AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is supplied to make AEM “DITA capable” and therefore extend its scope to deliver a DITA CCMS environment.  Core CCMS functions supported include collaboration, review and approval.
  • A “Project Manager” environment has been added to the product to manage assets, books and projects. Folders and files can be created and moved around and links created to “favourite” resource files.  These can then be dragged/dropped into the content that is being created by authors. The functionality to add topics as “favourites” has been added to enhance an author’s ability to reuse and work with existing resources.
  • Conditional authoring of both structured and unstructured content is now supported, allowing authors to customize content easily for the relevant audience at publication. For example, content, can be made visible or invisible at publication depending upon whether the intended audience is instructor level or trainee level.
  • For DITA authors a new status bar has been added that allows authors to keep track of elements by identifying their exact path and enhance and simplify the navigation experience.  In addition, the functionality to insert and search for cross-references (xrefs) to elements has been updated to make it easier to insert xrefs.

Julian Murfitt CEO at Mekon said, “I am excited to see so many good enhancements to the Adobe Tech Comm suite, demonstrating Adobe’s continued commitment to XML and DITA publishing. The integration with AEM and new DITA support in the Documentation Add-on for AEM is a significant game changer for marcom in my view, and I can’t wait to see the reactions from corporates the world over.”

For further information about the new Adobe FrameMaker 2017 release please take a look at