DITA authoring with oXygen Author training – new dates added

24 – 26 January 2017

Book your place on this training course which offers both experienced and novice DITA authors everything they need to work with the oXygen Author XML authoring tool.

The course is divided into two parts – an introduction to DITA (1 day) and an introduction to oXygen XML (2 days). You can attend part one, part two or both together depending on your needs and prior DITA experience. On this course you will benefit from case studies, worked examples and practical exercises, along with the opportunity to network and learn from other course participants.

Attend and you will learn how to:

  • Navigate the oXygen Author workspace menus, views and toolbars
  • Create and edit a topic in each of the base DITA information types using oXygen Author
  • Create and edit a ditamap and a bookmap using oXygen Author Use cross-references in oXygen Author Create at least three different output documents from a ditamap using tranformations scenarios in oXygen Author
  • Create and manage a project in oXygen Author Plus much more

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To book your place or if you have any questions email or call +44 (0)20 8722 8400.

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