Delivering Digital Content at Siemens Rail at Tekom 2016

This autumn saw another excellent tekom annual conference in Stuttgart with an excellent line up of presentations including our CEO Julian Murfitt presenting Delivering Digital Content at Siemens Rail.

Siemens Rail operates state of the art trains in a custom-built depot. To operate and maintain these trains requires a large amount of technical content, including maintenance and operating manuals. This content needs to support a wide array of users, including drivers, maintenance technicians and engineers, who access it on a variety of devices.

This talk showed how Siemens identified waste in their existing processes and created an innovative publication system from scratch using the DITA open standard, including a web-based maintenance portal/knowledge base that includes interactive 3D models, and iPad apps for drivers’ manuals and decision-tree based reporting. The audience saw how Siemens was able to take advantage of the choices in multiple DITA technologies from several different suppliers to build their desired solution.

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