Shortcuts keys

FrameMaker Shortcuts keys

Edit > Preferences
Esc + f + P
Find / Change
Control + f
Print to PDF
Control + P

This only works if you have set your default printer to Adobe PDF from within FrameMaker

  • File > Print Setup
  • Change Printer to Adobe PDF and press ok
View Attributes Pod
Esc + E + A
View Elements Pod
Esc + E + V
View Structure Pod
Esc + E + C

Windows Shortcut keys

Here are some popular Windows keyboard shortcuts you may not know about:-

Windows key + E = Open explorer.

Control (Ctrl) + F = Find – will search most applications and browsers for a specific string.

Control (Ctrl) + W = Close down the current application on window on your screen.

Alt + Tab = Switch between windows.

Windows key + M – Minimises all windows.

Windows key + D = Show/hide desktop (alternative to windows key + m).

Windows key + ← = moves Window to the left-hand side of the screen. Really handy if you want to quickly view two windows side by side.

Windows key + → = moves Window to the right-hand side of the screen. Dragging a window to the side of the monitor also achieves this.

Windows key + ↓ = initially reduces Window from full screen to one size down, click again to minimise window

Windows key + ↑ = maximises Window to full screen