DITA Authoring with oXygen XML Author

This course develops essential skills for technical communicators starting with authoring in a DITA environment. It teaches the theoretical principles of both XML and DITA, and how these principles are applied in documentation projects. It provides the foundation knowledge for working with DITA authoring, publishing, and content management software tools. It then enables participants to use oXygen Author productively to create, edit, and manage DITA topics and maps.

Who should attend this course?

Technical communicators who are interested in, or have already started, working in a DITA environment.


The course will boost your authoring productivity by giving you a thorough understanding of oXygen XML Author’s capabilities.

Length of course

2 Days


3 – 5th July 2019

Course details https://mekon.com/consulting-and-training/training/dita-authoring-oxygen-xml-author-training/