Mekon celebrate the wealth of experience and expertise of our long service staff

Last month we featured two new members to the Mekon team. This month we congratulate some of our long term staff members who we recognise for their achievements and contribution to Mekon’s success over the last 26 years.

To celebrate another successful year for Mekon 10 and 20 year service awards were presented to our staff for their contributions and achievements over the years. Our CEO, Julian Murfitt presented the staff with flowers, certificates and gift vouchers at the Mekon Christmas party last week.

Julian said: ‘There is something very pleasing about Mekon having such long standing team members. It is important to celebrate the wealth of experience and expertise our long service staff bring to the company and have the opportunity to thank them individually for their ongoing commitment to Mekon.”

 Congratulations and thanks to:

  • Mark Poston  – 20 years service
  • Sam Murfitt – 20 years service
  • Mike Ewins – 10 years service
  • Peter Gibbs – 10 years service