Getting started with the DITA Open Toolkit training

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Nearly all DITA content management systems and editors use the DITA Open Toolkit to publish output. This toolkit is, as the name implies, a flexible platform with which to build ones own preferred output styles and tailored format. Yet, Open Toolkit configuration is seen as an esoteric task, for specialists only. This course is an accessible, insightful introduction to DITA-OT programming. It is intended for two primary roles: developers or authors who need to maintain publishing stylesheets; and technically-minded team leaders.

What are the benefits of DITA Open Toolkit training?

For those who need to maintain and extend their organization’s publishing stylesheets, the course enables you to perform simple customizations to output such as changing fonts and colors, and provides a sound grounding in the DITA-OT framework to prepare you for further learning and more complex development tasks in the future.

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